Company History

The foundation which TradeMark Nitrogen Corporation stands today was built by Southern Nitrogen Corp. in 1959, which, originally included a Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) granulator. Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp. eventually purchased all of Southern Nitrogen’s assets and decided to shut down the CAN granulator and sell nitric acid and ammonium nitrate solution into the agriculture market, creating the foundation for which TradeMark Nitrogen’s business is built on today. In 1983, TradeMark Fertilizer Trading purchased the plant in Tampa, FL from Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp. In 2010 Rick Brandt assumed 100% ownership of TradeMark Nitrogen Corp. and all of its assets. In 2012 TradeMark Nitrogen begins producing its Specialty Nitrate Solutions for agricultural and industrial customers throughout the United States. These initial products included Magnesium Nitrate Solution, Manganese Nitrate Solution and Zinc Nitrate Solution.

Proud sponsor of NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Justin Allgaier and No. 7 JR Motorsports Chevrolet
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