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Copper Nitrate Solution is a high-quality source of Copper (Cu) used to correct deficiencies in soils and plants.

Copper Nitrate Solution is a blue transparent liquid that is produced using the highest quality copper. As a source of both soluble copper and nitrate nitrogen, Copper Nitrate Solution is used across agriculture to provide a fast-acting, highly soluble source of plant nutrition. It can be used to correct copper deficiencies in soils and it is also compatible with many liquid fertilizers, micronutrients, pesticides, and water. It mixes easily with ammonium nitrate solution, calcium nitrate solution, ferric nitrate solution, magnesium nitrate solution, manganese nitrate solution and zinc nitrate solution.

As a manufacturer of Copper Nitrate Solution and other liquid nitrogen fertilizers, we can provide you with these products and others 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Copper Nitrate Solution

Please call us at (813) 626-1181 for inquiries regarding Copper Nitrate Solution.

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