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MAG-17 from TradeMark Nitrogen provides a precise supply of Nitrogen and Magnesium to supplement your crops nutritional requirements

Similar to 32%-UAN, MAG-17 is comprised of both Ammonium Nitrate Solution and Urea, providing proportionate amounts of nitrogen in three available forms, Ammoniacal, Nitrate and Urea Nitrogen. The nitrate form (NO3-) is immediately available for plant uptake, the Ammoniacal portion (NH4+), is also assimilated directly by most plants, but, is rapidly oxidized by soil bacteria to form (NO3-). The rest of the Nitrogen is comprised of urea, and is hydrolyzed by soil enzymes to form NH4+, which is subsequently transformed to NO3- in most soil conditions. Thus, this solution provides both fast acting and long lasting plant food from its three forms of nitrogen.

As a manufacturer of a variety of nitrogen-based products, MAG-17 will meet your technical specifications.

Most importantly, this product provides 4% Magnesium, adding an essential secondary element to the product. Magnesium, is a critical part of chlorophyll in plants, creating the pure-green pigment you see in most leaves. Magnesium is necessary for the formation of amino acids, vitamins, sugars, oils, and fats. Magnesium also stimulates phosphorous uptake.


To maximize the efficiency of your Nitrogen and Magnesium applications, please call (813) 626-1181 to order MAG-17.

TradeMark Nitrogen MAG-17
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