Urea Solution

Urea Solution

50% Urea Solution is a clear aqueous solution of Urea and Water. Concentrations of this product are also available between 30-60%, depending on the end use.

Urea Solutions are used as a source of Nitrogen(N) fertilizer in a variety of cropping systems. Soil temperature and integration into the soil are important to consider when applying urea or urea solutions into the soil or via foliar application.

Urea Solutions are also used in the control of emmisions in different industrial settings as well as in other industrial chemical applications. This high-purity solution is well adapted for a variety of application processes, to learn more, please review the following information:


Safety Data Sheet

Quick Specs

% Urea Solution 50%
Guaranteed Analysis 23-0-0
Total Nitrogen (N) 23.00%
% Urea Nitrogen 23.00%
pH 6.5 - 7.5
Weight per Gallon 9.51 lbs./gal


Bulk - Rail & Truck
275 Gallon IBC

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