Zinc Nitrate Solution

Zinc Nitrate Solution

Zinc Nitrate Solution is used to prevent and correct Zinc (Zn) deficiencies in plants.

Zinc Nitrate Solution is produced using the highest quality and purity French Process Zinc Oxide, which consists of crystallites of relatively fine particle size. Zinc Nitrate Solution provides a high qualtiy source of plant nutrition for uses in various liquid micronutrient formulations for foliar sprays and/or through irrigation systems. Zinc Nitrate Solution is used to correct Zinc deficiencies in acidic soils and it is compatible with many other liquid fertilizers, micronutrients, pesticides, herbicides and water. To learn more about Zinc Nitrate Solution and how it can improve your crop's overall nutrition, please review the following information:


Safety Data Sheet

Quick Specs

Guaranteed Analysis 7-0-0 + 17% Zn
Total Nitrogen (N) 7.00%
% Nitrate Nitrogen 7.00%
Zinc as (Zn) 17.00%
% Zinc Nitrate 49.25%
pH < 2.0
Weight per Gallon 13.30 lbs./gal


Bulk - Rail & Truck
275 Gallon IBC

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